Isaac's Keep (IK) is a church that is intentionally minimal. Activity is a poor judge of faithfulness and busyness is an idol. Rather than attempting to compete with the speed and various noises of life, IK offers a stark contrast. Rejecting the ego driven, entertainment based, and institutional ministry programs, we embrace the adage "less is more" and the body of Christ is best served through gospel focused intentionality. Unencumbered by complexity this simple God-centered gospel community driven approach allows agility to accomplish effective service and mission. We embrace being an indigenous people marked primarily by the gospel. 

Why? To make disciples

Strengthening in Gospel Faith, Spreading Gospel Faith

Who? Indigenous People

Under reached, culturally religious, culturally humanistic

How? Gospel Faith

To know (head), enjoy (heart), experience (will) the Gospel of Jesus Christ where you are. 

What? Worship God

Delivering, receiving, and loving the gospel which establishes a culture of grace while being the church.

When? All times

Not limited or bound by the laws of schedules. Freed from busyness.

Where? Every Square Inch

Not limited or bound to place(s). Freed from church as building, church as event, church as program.

What's with the name? 

The name "Isaac"  is from God's Word. Isaac was Abraham's son, the son of promise, and the story of Abraham and Isaac is a testament of God's faithfulness to His word.  In a society of broken relationships, broken hope, broken promises and with broken hearts of sin, we need to taste and see, we need to be transformed by the perfect promise of God to restore and redeem.

In Genesis 2:15 God's original creational mandate was for man to work and KEEP creation as God intended. Though man failed, the creational mandate work and care for creation is foundational to our purpose. Furthermore, God's greatest display of His faithfulness as a promise keeper is through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Jesus died to fulfill, to KEEP every promise of God so that we might be liberated to have a relationship with God and His creation. Isaac's Keep exists to keep faith in this promise of the Gospel.  We seek to worship this promise keeping God, to find strength in the good news of Jesus Christ  and to spread that good news wherever God sends us.